Nature Brews

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Nature Brews began in November. 2016, which means that we are getting awfully close to the end of this year-long collaboration with The Nature Institute.  So, we thought it was time for an update!  Keep reading to hear more about the program, get the details for the final two cask nights, and check out an update on everyone's favorite (and not so favorite) beers so far! 

Each month since November, we have featured an ingredient derived from a plant found at The Nature Institute in Godfrey, IL.  Plants have ranged from treasured native species to harmful invasives, and each one was used to produce a cask-conditioned beer for sale at the brewery on the first Friday of the month.  Each month, the casks are rated, and at the end of 12 months we will determine the favorite, and then brew and package it on our full scale brew system!  The goal of the program is to educate people about all of these edible botanicals that are found in our area and to raise money and awareness for The Nature Institute.  The Nature Institute is a non-profit land conservation and environmental education organization based in Godfrey, IL.  Put them on your list to visit to experience great events and beautiful scenery (but please don't harvest any plants for your own use... except honeysuckle, you can have all of the honeysuckle!)


There are only 2 cask nights left before the final decision is made & Announced!
Friday, September 1 - Gooseberries
Friday, October 6 - Hazelnut

Here are the top 5 favorite casks so far, in no particular order.  Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!:

Plumbiscus Tart - Hibiscus Tart aged on Plums
Golden Paw Paw - Golden Oat aged on Paw Paw Fruit
Spicebush Golden Ale - Golden Oat aged on Spicebush Twigs
Hairy Mountain Porter - Porter aged on Hairy Mountain Mint
Spruce Brown Ale - A-Town Brown aged on Spruce Tips

And the least favorite.... Birch Mild - Dark Mild aged on Birch Bark

Saint Louis Craft Beer Week - 2017

St. Louis Craft Beer Week 2017 is fast approaching, and we put together an amazing list of events to share with you this year!  This seemed like the perfect excuse to finally start our blog and compile all of our events into one neat little package for you to peruse.    So... here goes nothing!

Friday, July 28 - Saturday, Aug 5
Fish & Chirps - Beer Pairing & Audubon Donation

Friday, July 28
BBA Double Stout Release & Growler Giveaway
5 PM - 7 PM
Randall's on Jefferson

Saturday, July 29
Manmade Presents: East Meets West Market
4 PM - 8 PM
The Old Bakery Beer Company

Sunday, July 30
Oktoberfest in July
Noon - 7 PM
The Old Bakery Beer Company

Sunday, July 30
Poses & Pints
2 PM - 3 PM
The Old Bakery Beer Company

Tuesday, August 1
Beer Floats with Clementine's Ice Cream
5 PM - 7 PM
Larder & Cupboard

Tuesday, August 1
Nature Kids
4 PM - 8 PM
The Old Bakery Beer Company

Wednesday, August 2
Vegetarian Beer Dinner
Seating at 5:30 PM & 8 PM
Tree House Restaurant

Friday, August 4
Nature Brews - Blackberry Cask Night
5 PM - 9 PM
The Old Bakery Beer Company

Saturday, August 5
Old Bakery Beer Tap Takeover
6 PM - 8 PM
Start Bar

You can also find us throughout the week at other events including the St. Louis Brewer's Picnic at Bailey's, Firkin Fest at iTap Soulard, Local Tap Takeover at iTap CWE, and more!  Phew!  ...then on Sunday, we rest.  Except for everyone who has to work at the restaurant, because we will still be open to fulfill all of your organic beer needs!