The Kids Are Alright

When we began seeking a home for our brewery a little over 4.5 years ago, we weren't sure in what part of the St. Louis area we would land.  Luckily, we fell in love with a building in our hometown of Alton and never looked back!  Now, we have found ourselves equally in love with this community and are amazed to watch it grow and thrive! 

In the almost 3.5 years since we opened, we have had the privilege of being a part of the new growth in the Downtown Alton Area - specifically along the Broadway Corridor.  Now, we are enthralled by watching young people all over Alton creating their own beautiful creative paths in our town and we can't be more excited about it!  

Here are just a few of the businesses that we are excited to watch this year!

Warm Soda Magazine

You have undoubtedly seen their name popping up all over town - from the Coffee.Shop. markets at Germania Brew Haus to the beautifully branded business cards and posters being dropped at small businesses all over town.  Warm Soda Magazine is an online platform focusing on art, music and culture in our area, with their sights set on creating a physical zine in the future.  From the first business card that I saw placed in our lobby, I have been thrilled by the quality of work and professionalism that this group of young creative entrepreneurs has demonstrated!  I'm so excited to watch them grow over the years - and you should be too!  I suspect that we will be seeing some big things from this group!  

You can check out Warm Soda Magazine at their first Art Exhibition at the brewery on June 27 - June 29th.  Be sure to stop by during the closing ceremony to enjoy live music and a silent auction while getting to know some of the minds behind this new creative enterprise!

Kadabra's Cards and Games

A couple of entrepreneurial young people have set their sights on creating a new destination to get families and friends connecting face to face again!  Kadabra's Cards and Games is a start up business that is trying to bring a classic Friendly Local Game Store to the Alton! They plan to focus primarily on Collectible Card Games and Board Games and to create a store that has frequent events to bring the tabletop gaming community together.  They have a great mission for their store, but are still working on building enough capital to open!  You can help them out by contributing to their Go Fund Me Page or by attending their Family Game Night at the brewery this Saturday!  Check out the links above for more information and to help make their vision a reality!

Score Records

Score Records was flying under our radar until it officially opened its doors just two weeks ago.  The new record store in Downtown Alton opened to an amazing reception - and in fact sold out of their initial inventory in just a few days!  They are now restocked, reopened, and ready for you at their location on Market Street.  In addition to vinyl records, Score Records houses a well-curated selection of CDs and Music Merchandise.  Be sure to stop in to check them out, buy some records, and congratulate this young female (whoop whoop!) on her new endeavor.