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Redemption Art Show

The Redemption Art & Music Show is presented by Lifehouse "a community church" and Dark Horse Art Works.  The venue for this event is The Old Bakery Beer Company , 400 Landmark Blvd., in Alton, Illinois.  The venue itself once housed the Colonial Bakery but had been left empty for several years when James Rogalsky and Lauren Patton purchased and redeemed the facility, creating something new and exciting for the Alton area.  According to Mike Adams and Eric Stauffer, organizers of the event, the theme is "Behold I Make All Things New", which focuses on God's redemption of a broken world into a beautiful New Creation.  This theme seemed to fit for both the art and music worlds as new creations are formed from so many things that now bring beauty to the world.  Artists or musicians interested in being involved can contact Eric at 618-310-4118 or Mike at 618-420-8525.  A small entry fee is required of all artists invovled in selling their art at the event.