We take sustainability seriously here at The Old Bakery Beer Company.  This means taking the time to consider the environmental, social, and local impact of every decision that we make.  We hope that this strategy will allow us to build a sustainable operation that will have a positive impact on the surrounding community and natural environment.  

Here are a few of the strategies that we have implemented to limit our environmental impact:


ALL OLD BAKERY BEER IS USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC!  The ingredients that we use to make our beer and food really represent the heart of our business.  So, it is important to us that we use the highest quality, environmentally-conscious products that we can find.  In the brewery, we use 100% American, USDA-certified organic ingredients.  In the kitchen, we focus on local, seasonal ingredients, and we make a point to go organic whenever possible.


All new lighting installed in the facility uses energy efficient LEDs.  Although we wanted to retain as much character from the old building as we could, many of the old, energy-sucking lighting fixtures had to go!

Support Local

St. Louis furniture maker, Mwanzi, produced our bar and all of our restaurant tables using reclaimed wood and low-impact fabrication processes. In fact, the top of our 50 foot long centerpiece bar was assembled from 100-year-old floor joists from a one-room schoolhouse in Collinsville, IL.   

Local Alton screen printer, Cobra Kai Ink, has worked with us to provide 100% organic cotton t-shirts.


All spent grain produced during the brewing process is sent to a local farmer in Fosterburg, IL to be used for cattle feed.  The majority of the rest of the solid waste that we produce is recycled or composted.